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Hello lovelies! I'm a UK artist who's always been involved in the industry in one way or another. I've been signed to an indie label in the past but now work via my own label and publishing company. However it's not an easy business to work in any more with streaming services taking away a huge chunk of the income we used to depend on.

With your support I can continue to make music, covering the production costs involved in turning out professional sounding tracks and broadcast quality videos.

I'm working on turning out a couple of albums annually, one solo singer/songwriter project, one band project (funk-style) plus a few dance singles thrown in that I shall be working on for one of my sub-labels. So you'll get all of this digitally and second-tier subscribers also get a physical copy of the solo album. Plus there'll be a few exclusives and behind the scenes info

To start you off you'll get a downloadable copy of my debut album, Waited ;) x

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London, UK
UK singer / songwriter / producer Atheen is a self-confessed keyboard nerd who is slightly deaf in one ear thanks in no small part to an over-zealous guitarist whose amp actually did go up to 11...

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